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Removing Weeds



We at Clean N Green do not treat Weeds as our friends!

 Please trust us to take care of your weed problem.
We’re committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.

Lawn Strip



January, February and March we put down pre-merge herbicide and post-merge herbicide.  The plan is to kill existing weeds and to prevent new ones from germinating.  


In March, April and May we again put down pre-merge and post-merge herbicide.  For those who pay a little extra we begin to put down slow release fertilizer. 


The first two applications lay the groundwork for the rest of the year.  On applications 3 & 4.  We put down slow release fertilizer and post merge herbicide.   Not all weeds can be stopped with a post merge, so the ones that make it thru we kill.  These applications are put down May thru September.


On application 5 we put your yard to bed for winter.   We put down winter pre-merge and will apply post-merge if needed. Application 6 is for lime.  Lime is necessary to to keep the soil pH right and condition the soil.   We can fertilize your yard all day but without a proper pH balance fertilizer will not work.  My dad always said it “sweetens” the soil.


Grub and Pest Treatments

This serves two purposes.  Grubs eat your roots which weakens the grass’ ability to uptake nutrients.  Secondly grubs attract moles which in turn destroys your yard.  We can treat fleas, ticks, chiggers, and army worms.  We can also kill web worms and bag worms on your shrubs.


Fungal Treatments

This is important especially for Zoysia yards twice a year.  But fescue and Bermuda can get fungal infections as well.  Brown spots in your yard or areas where the grass is shorter and stagnant are signs of fungal infections.  Shrubs can also become infected with fungus as well.  You may notice white spots on your leaves with a black ring.

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